Almost Famous..!

So, there I was, casually browsing through my Etsy stats and looking at how people end up at my e-tique, when I noticed a little text box saying that I had had nine visits directed from Now if you like corsetry, you’ll know who Lucy is (Bishonenrancher), she has uploaded LOADS of videos about corsetry on Youtube, keeps a blog, etc etc. She is a Wonderwoman. Anyway, back to the story – I click on Lucy’s blogsite and searched my name.. Up ┬ácame this!


How cool is this? There I had sat for years, watching her videos, looking at her pretty pictures, reading her blogs and posts in a group I belong to online, then BOOM! She has noticed my stuff, liked my stuff and written about my stuff. That really set off fireworks into the gloom of my night, after dreaming about sewing all day at my horrible day job, which I keep because I need to fund my business.


Happy Little Me >^.^<

Here are the new items that I’ve made by hand, along with the link to my e-tique so that you can buy them and have them and love them!